Webinar: Conflict Management

Conflict Management in Times of Competing Resources and Priorities

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In May 2017, CDC hosted, “Conflict Management in Times of Competing Resources and Priorities”, Webinar in collaboration with the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America as part of the joint Outbreak Response Training Program (ORTP). This webinar was the second of the Effective Communication Webinar Series, designed to train hospital epidemiologists in the interpersonal skills important in an outbreak situation. In this Webinar, an expert from the field discusses resource management and priority setting during infectious-disease outbreaks. It includes information on identifying stakeholders who should be involved in epidemic preparedness, recognizing areas of limited resources and anticipating needs in times of crisis, and establishing decision-making frameworks when faced with limited resources.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the stakeholders involved in epidemic preparedness and the relationship to infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology leaders
  • Identify areas of limited resources and demonstrate the importance of advanced and systematic planning to avoid conflict
  • Establish a framework for decision making when dealing with limited resources in the setting of an epidemic

About the presenter

Stephen Weber, MD, ScM

Stephen Weber, MD, ScM, is the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President for Clinical Effectiveness at the of Chicago and an Associate Professor in the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health.

At the University of Chicago, Dr. Weber has served in a number of leadership roles focused on clinical quality and patient safety, including Chief Healthcare Epidemiologist and Medical Director of Infection Control (2002-2011) and Medical Director of the Center for Quality (2006-2011). In 2009, he was elected by clinical faculty to serve as President of the Medical Staff.

Dr. Weber has been recognized for his achievement in clinical research by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. His primary focus of investigation is the prevention of infection by multi-drug resistant organisms among hospitalized patients.